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How does Kiddo clean the wait list?

Kiddo is enabled to send routine email check-ins to parents asking if they've found care elsewhere. If they'd like to be taken off the wait list, we will simply archive their submission. You pick the frequency of the check-ins, and we handle the rest.

We already use child care software

The overwhelming feedback we've received from centers is that most child care software products are wide in capability, but do not manage wait lists effectively. Kiddo is intended to complement your current software--not replace it--handling all activities up to a child's enrollment.

Our Center has unique needs

The Kiddo philosophy is to build software that's easy to use yet still allow for flexibility of each center's needs. You want to to give a discounted wait list fee of 38% for low income applicants and give ranking preference to kids with a sibling already at the center? No problem! It's easy to set up and can be changed any time.

Can I import my current wait list?

Absolutely! All we need is your current list, and we will upload it into your application for you. The turnaround is typically in a few hours. Also, any per child fees do not apply to list uploads, only the new kids added from parents signing up.

How do parents get on the wait list?

You will be given a unique Kiddo web address that's branded to your center. Place this link on your website, Facebook page, and anywhere else that parents find you online. Using this link, parents can fill out wait list application, pay a wait list fee, and/or sign up for an upcoming tour.

How about integrations?

We recently completed an integration with Quickbooks Online, so that wait list fees will be automatically recorded in your accounts.

We are in-the-works on additional integration with other child care software provider. If you have an opinion on what should be prioritized on our roadmap, please let us know!

Join our happy customers

“Our wait list had become unmanageable. We weren't sure which families were still looking for care, and the list felt out of control. Kiddo took care of everything and made my life simple!"

Jenny, Director at Wallingford Child Care

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